“I’ve been associated with Haymore’s UKS for over 12 years–as a mom, a student, and most recently, an assistant instructor.  My family and I have not only learned the physical aspects of martial parts, like strength, agility, and endurance, but the mental aspects as well, like determination, respect, self-control, and positive attitudes.  We have had to face challenges, and we have become better people all-around because of Mr. Haymore and his studio.”–S. Harkins


“Mr. Haymore and his staff are great with the kids, and our daughter always looks forward to each class.  We are excited that the training is a great combination of cardiovascular, strength, and balance conditioning.”–D. Wood


“We have 2 sons that started with Mr. Haymore in the Karate Rangers class.  The first has gone on to find much success in karate tournaments, his school, athletics, and everything that he does.  He is currently 11 and recently earned his United Black Belt after 6 years of training under Mr. Haymore.  He plays travel baseball and is consistently the top performer on his team.  Respect, control, balance, patience, mental focus, self-discipiline, confidence, stamina, strength, and power are all things he has gotten from Mr. Haymore and the United family that have helped him be successful in baseball…Our younger son has just graduated from the Karate Rangers class.  He is continuing his training at United, plays soccer, and also has been very successful in school.

What the student learns in the Karate Rangers class carries over to other parts of life.  It helps them be active and fit in a safe, structured setting with a professional instructor.  The United Karate Rangers class is a great place to start.”–T. Murphy